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Oakland Ballpark Watch: HOK Executive Summary

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The Oakland Athletics Executive Summary report was handed out at the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) meeting on December 13, 2001. It contains a great overview of all the factors related to each of the ballpark site plans.

( Note for modem users. )

View entire Executive Summary:

Full Executive Report (10 MB) (Recommended for DSL/Cable or better.)

View specific pages of the Executive Summary:

1. Cover 6. Uptown 11. Fremont
2. Exec Summary 7. Howard Terminal 12. Pleasanton
3. Site Requirements 8. Laney College 13. Cost Comparison
4. Ranking System 9. 9th to Oak 14. Timing Matrix
5. Selection Criteria 10. Coliseum  

Note for Modem Users: - Return to Top
Until we can obtain a "soft copy" of the report, the best we can do is post a scan of the hard copy in PDF format. Because of this, the full report is 10 Megabytes, so we recommend that you try to view it only if you have a DSL/Cable connection to the internet or better. If you have a modem connection, your best bet is to view it page by page, but even that will be slow.


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