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Oakland Ballpark Watch: Ballpark Site Plans

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The following ballpark sites in Alameda County are being considered by the Oakland / Alameda County Joint Powers Authority (JPA.) Note that at their meeting on 10/13/2001, the JPA voted to remove from consideration the plans for Pleasanton, Laney College, and 9th to Oak because the site study prepared by HOK Sport deemed them as unfavorable. Click on any of the images to see an enlarged version.

Uptown Urban Plan

(Click for larger)
468x425 pixels (166.9K)

Heart of uptown setting
Transportation and parking
Site geometry
Skyline View
Multiple Ownership
Key Issues:
Alternative Housing Sites
Replacement Parking
Estimated Cost:
Howard Terminal Plan

(Click for larger)
468x448 pixels (158.0K)

Waterfront setting
Extension of Jack London Square
Restoration of existing shoreline
Proximity to transit and parkign
Displaces port function
Key Issues:
Resolve parking requirements
Shared parking with entertainment and retail
Cost of relocation port and cranes Estimated Cost:
Coliseum Plan

(Click for larger)
468x419 pixels (155.4K)

Proximity to transit
Replacemente parking required
Parking lot setting
Key Issues:
Location acceptable to team
Lack of development synergy
Estimated Cost:
Fremont Plan

(Click for larger)
468x410 pixels (178.5K)

Location in relation to potential fan base
Adjacent to future BART station
Regional highway access
Views of the hills
Proximity to residential neighborhood
Site size is inadequate
Railroad barrier to the west
Key Issues:
Acquisition of additional property
Estimated Cost:
Pleasanton Plan

(Click for larger)
468x469 pixels (143.1K)

This site is no longer being considered by the JPA.
Laney College Plan

(Click for larger)
468x402 pixels (149.8K)

This site is no longer being considered by the JPA.
9th to Oak Plan

(Click for larger)
468x436 pixels (125.3K)

This site is no longer being considered by the JPA.

Source: HOK Sport

Note: Estimated costs do not include financing and/or legal costs.


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