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Peter Elman

( Elman Swings Author )

Peter Elman Peter Elman is a musician and school teacher with a lifetime passion for sports and writing about it. A pianist, composer and producer, he has released six solo albums and regularly performs in the Bay Area. He is currently teaching US and world history at an independent middle school in the East Bay.

Peter is at the moment on hiatus from covering prep sports for the Contra Costa Times, and also taking a breather after coaching seven years in in the resurgent North Oakland Little League. He lives in Oakland with his wife, Lisa, a songwriter/recording artist/piano teacher extraordinaire, and his two children. Daughter Katie, 7, loves to sing and dance and do gymnastics, while son Willy, 13, loves pitching, playing the drums and the A's. Peter is very happy to be able to contribute to OAFC.

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Columns Written

- 07/04/2005

- 07/04/2005

It Could Be Worse… - 08/19/2004

“You’re the Best, Eck” - 07/25/2004

“You’re the Best, Eck” - 07/25/2004

Déjà Vu - 04/30/2004

Time Marches On (and it just turned February) - 02/01/2004

It’s All Over But The Cryin’ - 11/15/2002

Team On The Verge… - 09/24/2002

Team On The Verge… - 09/24/2002

They’ll Have To Earn It - 09/13/2002

The Thunder Rolls - 09/08/1922

A Tale of Teamwork - 08/12/2002

Having Their Back--While Carrying Them On His - 07/29/2002

Communique from the Cape; All-Star Day, 2002 - 07/09/2002

Here We Go Again…Anything Can (and will) Happen - 06/18/2002

Monday, Monday - Strap On Your Seatbelts - 06/03/2002

The Truth Hurts…fear and loathing on a Friday night - 05/24/2002

It's Valentine's Day, and Hope Springs Eternal - 2/ 14/2002


We Wanted It…But They Needed It - 10/16/2001

Team of Destiny - 08/14/2001

Put Up Or Shut Up Time (notes on deadline day, 7/31/01) - 07/31/2001

No Time to Jump Ship - 06/01/2001

Dark Clouds On The Horizon - 02/09/2001

The Future is Now - 01/25/2001

Let Us Give Thanks... - 11/28/2000

He Will Find a Way to Break Your Heart... - 11/6/2000

Sour Grapes - We Shoulda Won - 10/09/2000

Payback=post-season=pennant? Thoughts on a night of triumph… - 10/02/2000

Different, Yet Alike—A Tale Of Two Cities - 9/28/2000

Lucky To Have Them In Our Dugout - 9/25/2000

Headed in the Right Direction - 9/19/2000


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