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To Commissioner of Baseball Allan H. Selig

How much more do you have in store in your bank account of "integrity"? You cancel the World Series in the middle of a record breaking season, in the name of the "integrity of baseball". You try to destroy a franchise you consider "a mistake" by refusing to allow a sale to a local group willing to bring back the fans turned away by a fan/baseball insensitive ownership.

Now, because this same franchise, thanks to the wonderful vision and direction started by the Haas ownership, is showing the baseball world that money alone can't buy the success some of your dearest co-owners don't seem to understand and grasp, you have once again, in the name of "integrity" stepped forward for the "good of baseball".

Forcing the A's to play a double-header prior to flying across country to face the team they are challenging in the pennant race is ludicrous.

The real reason for this decision was in favor of Mr. Peter Angelo’s bank account. The real "integrity" here was to preserve the two games' worth of gate receipts Wednesday, at the expense of the A's post season chase.

Look around Mr. Selig. Fans are not fooled by all your posturing as the Protector of Small Market Billionaires crying Foul. Fans realize and know why you have no interest in seeing a team like the Oakland A's win a Division or the Wild Card. How else could you try to extort money and threaten to leave from the cities of teams playing in ballparks that don't bring the revenue you don't find good enough to the "integrity" of your Lord's bank accounts. How else can you justify and feed your fantasy of "small market teams" to cover up your small minded fellow owners brains!

Mr. Selig, the only thing you can't justify is your "integrity" in he eyes of baseball fans across America.

by Diamond Lil

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