When it hits the fan!

Written by Diamond Lil

The theme of our coalition is "Bring back our Legacy" and with that in mind, we are compiling a list of past players that we feel makes up this rich legacy of ours.

Our intention is to contact them and to let them know that we are actively trying to bring back to the forefront, all the memories and the pride we once felt as Oakland A's fans. We want to make this legacy known to the new generation of fans because this is what baseball is all about. The history of our team must not and should not be forgotten and the ownership and future players of the team must try to honor and strive to add to this legacy. They must try to continue with the same standard past owners and players have set for them.

With that in mind, I made public on the Gate A's forum, the list of players I considered part of the Oakland A's Legend. Much to even my surprise, among the McGwires, Rickey Hendersons and Sal Bandos, I found myself writing down the name of Eric Fox. But I added a smilling face right after his name and left at that.

Soon came the responses to my choice. One fan mentioned "Eric Fox? ...The door may have swung open too wide..." and of course Eric Fox seems like an implausable choice right in the middle of so many superstars. After all, Fox never hit over the Mendoza line during the three years he played in Oakland and hit a total of 3 home runs in 1992. Yet, his name had a reason to come to my mind when thinking of our team's legacy. And the answer soon came, in the form of other posters to our forum., adding testimony to my own.

I said, "I can still see his face sitting in the dugout, asking the player next to him, 'Is this Heaven?'." He had just hit the biggest home run of his career and no true A's fan will ever forget him for that.

" It was July 29th, 1992. The A's were down by two and there were two on with two out in the top of the ninth in the Twinkie-dome (the A's house of horrors). Fox jacked it out against the Twink's closer and Eck started to heat up in the pen. The A's won the game to sweep the series leaving them tied with the Twins for 1st instead of two out. Hey, I still have my autographed Fox hounds T- Shirt." wrote in Kenneth

"Aguilera I believe," pondered Ron, "That was one of the memorable moments of the 1992 season."

"Besides Eric's expression of unbelievable joy after that homer, I still recall Canseco staring out into the depths of the dome, a huge grin on his face, but completely stunned by the turnaround. Ah, those were the days... " - joined in Karen

"Also one of my favorite memories! That HR made my oldest daughter a true fan. " - Jeff weighed in.

Le Curmudgeon was quick to add "Personally witnessing Eric Fox's home run is one of the top 3 memories that I have as an A's fan. The A's were down 4-3, the Twins had taken the lead in the bottom of the 8th on a Chuck Knoblauch double that he tried to stretch into a triple and Walt Weiss nailed him at third with a perfect relay throw from RF.

"The governor and I believe either Lance Blankenship or Gallego led off the ninth with singles and Fox worked the count to 2-2 and ripped pitch off Rick Aguilera down the RF line.

"When he roped it, I stood in disbelief....

"As Fox was rounding second, I was screaming "He's warming, He's warming" pointing to the bullpen, then I was yelling "You're done, the Twins are done !!

"The dugouts there are at field level and the whole darn A's team was out of the dugout.

"Next was a barrage of frosty malts, beer and soda cups being rained down upon me. Even more beautiful, was that I was in Box seats behind the Twins dugout in the heart of Season-Ticket holders and I was the only one standing on my seat and yelling.

"I had so many birds flipped at me I thought I was in an aviary, I yelled that out too, but I don't think too many people got it.

"That completed a 3-game sweep in that nasty Dome......

"On top of that we got two foul balls that game..

"The words "Eric Fox" will always change my otherwise dour countenance."

I rest my case. 'Le Curmudgeon' is well known to all us forum members as the guy that brings us down for a reality check every time we get carried away by absurd dreams and unjustified optimism.

So, my fellow baseball fans, that was how our "hot stove" fodder of this offseason put a smile on my face and next to Eric Fox's name as he went on the list of our team's baseball legend. A true legendary figure.

by Diamond Lil

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