When it hits the fan!

Written by Diamond Lil

Ramblings from a Sleepless Fan

I have not slept tonight, but I know the good man Mr. Wally Haas Senior must be turning on his grave. I have him to thank for many good memories of baseball. I will always honor him in my heart.

Thoughts keep racing through my mind as I reflect on the pain I've experienced as an A's fan in the last few years. I've watched this once proud and glorious franchise being cut and dumped little by little and I have been loyal as a fan. I told myself I was there for the good and I would be there for the bad. This is the way I am and I'm not going to change. Baseball is a very large part of my life.

But I keep thinking of little encounters I've had with the past and things I heard and tried to forget. I remember for instance when I had a brief encounter during an Arizona Fall League game with once an A's player Dwayne Murphy. I asked Dwayne if he wasn't going to try to coach for the A's (he was with the newly formed Diamondbacks) and his very brief but firm answer was, "nah, they gave up on the A's".

I once asked Campie why he was never a coach and he told me he interviewed several times but the A's never gave him a chance.

I remember hearing Stew say, very hurt, that the A's never really took him seriously nor gave him any respect, just after he moved on.

On another occasion I asked Reggie when he would make peace with the A's and come back to his fans and his answer was, "you can't come back to where you are not wanted".

Last spring training I met up with Vida at Don and Charley's and I had a heated discussion with him and asked him for his support to the OAFC and he told me very angrily, "do you know why I'm with the Giants instead of the A's? Because the A's won't hire me to work with them" He said, "I tried and they don't want me."

And most of all, what pains me the most was to hear Rickey say, "I deserve to play for the A's." Now what superstar or future HoFer do you know says he 'deserves' to play for a team. All Rickey wanted was to make what a mediocre player makes in MLB nowadays. But the A's didn't feel he was worth it.

All these thoughts keep racing through my mind and it is now 4:30AM and I can't sleep...

Now I keep hearing Sandy Alderson's "new era" master plan. When he dumped Jose from the on deck circle, the most classless thing I ever saw in baseball. I keep thinking that it was Sandy that was running the show all along.

Mr. ex-marine Sandy Alderson, the true Kevorkian of the Oakland A's! The one that stabbed the A's fan in the back with his master plan!

The umpires never saw what hit them!

Well, now another master plan is in progress. Mr. Sandy Alderson was hired by Central Baseball to put in execution the plan to break the umpire's union and in 2001 show his strength against the Players Union. And that he did. And that he will. Oh boy, and with what flair! With his special style I grew to know so well all these years.

'Oh...Steiny wanted to go home...Mark wanted to play for a contender...Bordick never answered the phone calls...Reggie was a bad influence..Rickey a doggin malcontent ...and so it was... and so they all left......all bad guys...all greedy bastards...'

And so once more we didn't see it coming... What just happened in baseball with this new "blue ribbon" trump card is the beginning of the master plan from Central baseball to bargain with the Players Union. They are going to introduce the "Shrinking" of baseball as the "Blue Ribbon" recommendation in order to start the bargaining for lesser things such as dropping the DH and realignment issues.

'Struggling and underachieving franchise my ass!' The Oakland A's is not a struggling franchise. Mr. Haas built a farm system that is still showing it's benefits and is the envy of the rest of MLB. The A's hold the attendance record of the Bay Area with 2.9 m. If the fans aren't there now is simply because there are very few idiots like me around. Fans don't want to know how billionaires are struggling when they know deep inside they are not. They know that they are lining up to buy MLB teams. Why? To lose money? Bullshit!

But it is all in the past now...

... what matters here is the heartless way they decided to allow the A's to be one of the sacrificial lambs to MLB. Once more "for the good of the game" Just like they canelled the World Series "for the good of the game".

This is by far the worst thing that I could even begin to believe as hard as I tried. I saw it coming. I saw the shadow of death but refused to believe it was there.

And Dr. Kevorkian was among us from the start...

Mr. Sandy Alderman and Mr. Bud Selig, I know YOU are sleeping tonight, for you do not love baseball and you do not respect the game like I do. You and your cohorts with your "blue ribbon" card do not deserve baseball !

by Diamond Lil

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